The History

More than fifty years ago when Roberto Larcher started his business, he probably never imagined how much it would grow and change. From the small individual dairy processing factory to a nameable meat processing business we look back on significant events and changes. However, some important things never changed, the family atmosphere of the business, 

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The Family

Roberto Larcher founded the business on love and sacrifice. During his youth he showed a love of business and in doing so, adding his own personal and special touch. With the help and support of his wife, Mrs Larcher and their two sons Ivo and Rolando (who now lead the business) they are making their 

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The Location

From the heights of the Mendel Pass to the beauties of the valleys in South Tyrol, the location always played an important role for the production of Mendelspecks products. The experience of the old mountain inhabitants, in addition to the entrepreneurship and the dynamism of the lush valleys of South Tyrol, set the foundation of 

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The production

It started off as a dairy factory… Now, more than fifty years have passed in which the Larcher family has been successful in the production of quality produce. First just processing dairy, then later being replaced by meats which now is the centre of the business. From Bacon to pickled beef and sausages, up to 

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Speck IGP The quality mark PGI ” Protected Geographical Indication ” identifies those products that are being manufactured and processed using traditional methods in a certain area . This label also bears our delicately spiced, lightly smoked and at least for 22 weeks cured Speck. Sistema di Gestione della Sicurezza sul Lavoro – SGSL A 

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Ciclismo con G.S. Mendelspeck Mendelspeck is the main sponsor of a cycling club for young people aged 7 to 18 years . Since its foundation, the sports group has already participated in more than 2,000 events in Italy, Austria , Germany, the Republic of San Marino and Egypt . Vespa Team Mendelspeck The Mendelspeck Racing 

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